Toilet Repair Services

The toilet consists of a tank which holds the water, a bowl which holds the waste and is flushed away. Inside the tank there is a syphon, a fill valve, float ball also know as a ball cock. In more modern toilets the internal workings can be different.

Toilet repairs are equally if not more important than any other job in the house in our opinion, this together with the fact that water loss is a big issue in todays ever changing enviroment especially to the consumer who has a water meter.

Please be aware that now the cost is being paid for by you the customer, yes meters are an effective way of paying less but the onus has been put back on the customer to keep their toilets in good repair at all times. It does not take a lot of water to leak out before your water bill starts to rise. Always look for any signs of weater leaks and keep your toilet cisterns in good repair.

The other thing we find with toilets that items being put down them are simply not biodegradable or they get wedged in the bend. Please make sure that wet wipes even if they say on the packet they are biodegradable don't get pushed down the toilet. Tests on wet wipes are believed not to be rigorous enough according to the latest new articles in biodrading fast enough as not to cause blockages in the sewers. If in doubt bin it.

Normaly what breaks down in the system is the syphon and the filler valves and of course the dreaded leaks around the washers through wear and tear. We also find that in hard water areas a hard lime scale crust can deteriorate the system and it's moving parts a lot quicker than normal.

Are you in a hard water area ?
If the answer is yea to the question it may be worth getting a plumber out to check your toilet system through to save added expence later, also you won't want to be left without a toilet especially as not all homes have more than one toilet in their homes.

If we move on a little it must be remembered that your wc is indeed connected to the waste so any problems caused from inside the house can have an added problem to your drains that carry the waste away from the house.

Updated: 21-01-2019

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