Toilets WC's

Is your toilet blocked ? Do you know whats been put down it? A blocked WC can be worse that what you might think because mainly it takes soft waste and should not cause problems. However there are circumstances that cause toilets to block I have known children to put toys down them which can get stuck in the bend.

Whatever the problem a qualified plumber from PlumbRepair can fix it for you we are just a friendly phone call away.


If it is your flush that is not working your waste cannot be flushed away the you may need a new syphon unit the diaphrams wear out in the units and these will have to be renewed.



The amount of use taps get is always under estimated and do need washers changing from time to time to keep them in good running order. The taps themselves also sieze up and will often need to be replaced. We will always try the less expensive route first unless you the customer expresses that you would like us to fit new taps.



Imagine you cannot turn the water off because the stopcock is jammed up! Well believe it or not this is what happens on a regular basis. It is always advisable to check that your stopcock can be turned off and on. It may sound obvious but knowing where your stopcock is can be of great importance especially if your water leek is severe.

Simple! if we cannot free your stopcock we can replace it for you.


Sinks, basins, baths

Is your sink, basin or bath leaking or not draining out properly? Be very careful about putting cleaning liquids into the plug holes as certain cleaning fluids will perish the seals on the pipe fittings these seals are only a form of rubber and if they fail you will find that they will leak water and cause more problems somewhere else.


Central Heating Systems

Common leaks are found on radiator valves, radiator nuts, pipes and sometimes radiators themselves can spring a leak depending on the age. We can replace the radiators and also add TRV's to help save money as you can manually control the temperature of each room. The central heating system should have inhibitor put into the system to help prevent a build up of sludge and rust. We recommend flushing through the system once a year and adding a good quality inhibitor this will reduce the chance of breakdown of your heating system and help prolong the life of your boiler.



We can fit new showers, valves, trays and screens


Water Tanks

Water tanks and other equipment used for supplying and the storage of water in your roof void should also be maintained. The ballcock valve is something that will fail over time as well as ballcocks themselves wearing out.




Updated: 13-01-2019

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