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Our services provide the customer with the knowledge that all their plumbing requirments can be dealt with under one roof by a reputable company with the customers interest at heart at all times.

As and when you need our services PlumbRepair will be on hand to keep your world ticking so you can go about your daily life as stress free as possible.

So many people are afraid of being ripped off by not knowing who they are letting into their home and that is why we at PlumbRepair believe that our customers will come to trust us as a company.

We are approachable, friendly, honest, reliable and ethical in our workmanship. No matter how big or small your job is our plumbers will repair or renew if necessary and do what needs doing and at a price that is affordable to you.

Our services start from an inspection to carrying out the job required from start to finish which includes anything to do with water flow inside or outside the home or business.


Home Plumbing


All those jobs around the house including sinks, basins bath taps and pipes. Showers repaired and installed. Shower heads and handsets repaired or replaced also including the maintenance

of sink traps and waste outlets.

Leaking shower trays, burst pipes over and under floorboards, in attics and roof voids, garages and outhouses, water closets, en suites.

Toilets, cisterns, ball valves, floats, syphons. handles and levers.

Water tanks and any system including pipes that hold water

Central heating systems flushed through topped up with inhibitor to help prevent dirt from building uo in the system.

New radiators and Thermastaic valves installed

Gutters and down pipes also soil pipes cleaned or replaced

It is important to note that shower heads should be cleaned or replaced often as this cuts down the chance of harbouring the Legionnaires bacteria. A person can become infected by inhaling water droplets from a dirty shower head and pipes with stale water. This can cause serious pneumonia and should never be taken lightly.


Commercial Plumbing Services


Rental Properties, HMO'S,

We know how difficult it is sometimes with tenants being in or out but we are able to work together to get the job done at times to suit both of us.

The plumbers will also wear uniforms that bare the PlumbRepair logo


Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels and B&Bs

We will attend your premises as quickly as possible so your business will be able to run as smoothly as possible without too much disruption as we are on call 24/7/365

They will wear uniforms that bare the PlumbRepair logo and carry ID


Residential Homes, Rest Homes, Care Homes

Our plumbers are trained to deal with all types of situations including how they interact with staff as well as patients alike. In their work ethics they also are trained in health and safety and will provide kindness and a careing attidude at all times whilst working on your premises.

They will wear uniforms that bare the PlumbRepair logo and carry ID


Schools, Colleges, Universites, Governments buildings

All our plumbers are certified and CRB checked whilst working in any building that houses children and vunerable adults. Health and safety plays a big part today and our plumbers undergo strict training to comply with the law. They will wear uniforms that bear the PlumbRepair logo and carry ID


Factories, Manufacturing, Wharehouses

Bearing in mind the many dangers that lurk in these establishments all areas our plumers are reminded to wear high vis jackets at all times paying particular attention to fork lift truck all moving vehicle and machinery.

They will wear uniforms that bear the PlumbRepair logo and carry ID


Shops and Offices

Our plumbers will respect you and your customers at all times. They will try to complete works as quickly as possible to reduce any disruption to your business.

They will wear uniforms that bare the PlumbRepair logo and carry ID



Why choose PlumbRepair?

We provide the best hand picked plumbers

Our plumbers are all qualified and experienced

We deal with all enquiries as quick as possible

We can agree an hourly rate or fixed price

There are no call out charges

All plumbers are local

Our plumbers are uniformed and carry ID

Our plumbers are fast and friendly

Our plumbers are CRB checked

Our work is insured and guaranteed

Our plumbers are trusted and reliable

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