Blocked Drains?

At some time in our lives we will experience the terrible problems caused by our drains becoming blocked. If your drain is taking human waste then you will know all too well of the nasty smell and the possibility of diseases this problem can cause not to mention rats! But don't worry if this has happened we can clear the drains for you as soon as possible as leaving them will only get worse.

We will examine your drains with our cameras to detect what is causing the blockage, then take the necessary action to unblock your drain. If necessary we will use our drain Jetter to clear an stubborn grease or debris and leave your drain clean as new.We will offer advice on what no to put down the drains and to keep the drains in a good state of repair.

We are so confident we will even Offer a one year guarantee against our workmanship!

Please note The best way to protect yourself from any future drain blockages other than only putting down the drain what it was built to take away is a yearly inspection.

Yearly inspection

We offer a yearly drain inspection which may involve putting a camera down your drain and checking for any potential obsticals, debris, dirt, then we will flush your drains through to make sure no debris of any description is lurking around to cause future problems.

If all the necessary precausions are taken not to infect your drain this yearly inspection will save you thousands of pounds in the future so you know it makes simple sense.

Things not to do if your drains are blocked Do not put any bits of wood or metal objects in your drain to try to clear them as this can damage the drain itself especially if you have the old clay pipes. If you damage the drain pipes you will need to dig up the pipes and replace them and this is not a cheap job.

Updated: 13-01-2019

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